To make the most out of the Capax website please use the below
Our Website has a large range of items so it can be daunting for a new client. Please give us a call or send us an email and let us do the hard work for you. Just let us know what you are after and we can use our expertise to suggest the best products for you. We will then send you a detailed Quote with exact prices so you can make your decision.
Searching for Products
1/ Browse by Category from the left hand menu.
2/ Use the Search function, this is the best way to find an item if you know what you want.
The Search has 2 parts see below.
best used for searching by product only.
Advanced Search 
Use this when you are able to add more info, see below for best use of each section.
Product Name – To search the words in the short description of the products
Product Code – To search for the product code
Other Search Words – To search the words in the long description of the products
Price – this will search for all products in the price bracket that is entered e.g. entering $1 - $5 will search  all products and show items within this price range ONLY for the quantitiy you have entered. 
Please fill in all 3 sections. PLEASE NOTE: Price range is based on undecorated pricing.
Category – To search a specific category
Range – To search a specific range


Select an item

 Choose a Quantity & then click on “Add to Cart”.

Please Note: the 'Decoration Type' function is unavailable.

The item is now in your cart ready to send to us for a Quote, you can keep adding items as above, when you have finished adding items click on the “View My Selection” button on the right side of the site (as below)
The below screen has a list of the items in your cart, you can remove them.
When ready click on the "Generate Quotation" button
You will then need to fill in your Details.
please give as many as details possible

You have now sent us an Email and we will contact you either by phone or email within 1 working day to discuss decoration options and to organise a quote for you.